Digitization has brought significant changes in the society that we are living in today. The transition from analog to digital technology has vastly improved how we can live our lives efficiently and effectively. It is only a matter of time before we shift from documents and physical copies to soft copies and digital files. Are you fully prepared for this switch? Is your storage big enough to accommodate all of your digital files and contents? Will your USB stick provide all the space you need? Since you are reading this review, it seems that you need a larger, accessible, more stable, and secured file storage.

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There are several file hosting services in the market to date. Picking out the best out of the thousands seems like a very exhausting and complicated task. Guess what? Fear not, because this review might make it easy for you.

Uptobox, the leading and most promising file hoster to date. With almost 10 years of operation and with several users across the globe, check out why Uptobox is the best choice for you!

Uptobox is a file hosting service provider that provides online and offline file storage, remote back-up capacity, and refined uploading and downloading tools. It hosts several file and content types such as images, videos, audios, and flash on the same place.


Uptobox serves as your online back-up or storage. You can store your content and access it anywhere, anytime as long as you have a connection to the internet. You may also download and upload different file types whenever or wherever you are. You may send Uptobox links to people instead of sending larger files via e-mail. Also, there will be no need for you to carry your USB stick everywhere, you will only need to access Uptobox, and your storage is made available for you.


Out of all the available file hosting provider in the web today, Uptobox is one of the few which offers not only to File Hosting services but also File Sharing services.

With File Hosting, you may easily manage your materials and contents using others’ servers. It works like a cloud-based storage wherein it is accessible and manageable everywhere. You may upload, download, create folders, sort all related files, and delete unnecessary contents on that server. Your files will only be deleted once you removed it from your folder; it will only be deleted without your permission once said files are proven to violate the terms and conditions set by Uptobox.

While with File Sharing, you may upload your files on the server and allow other users to access the said file by permitting them to view your files. You may also share your materials by giving other users the download links to your files. This is best practiced when sending out large files to other people. Most e-mail service providers have limits on the file size that you can attach to your emails before sending it to others. With Uptobox’s file-sharing feature, instead of attaching the file in the body of your email, you may just send out the link of your file in the server and others can easily download it by accessing the link you provided.


Uptobox offers both FREE and PREMIUM accounts depending on your preferred services. Before availing any of these file hosting services, you will need to create your Uptobox account first.

  1. Uptobox Website – Firstly, you will need to visit the Uptobox website before creating your account. You can only open an account through the website and not on any other phishing sites. Users must be very careful about double-checking the sites before providing any personal information. With the success of Uptobox, it is not old news that several competitors are doing everything to taint its name.
  2. Account Registration – Upon accessing the website, you may click on the “Register” button and a registration form will pop-out on the screen.
  3. Account Creation – You may enter your preferred username, e-mail address, password – preferably a combination of alphanumeric symbols with at least 10 characters for maximum security, and will be required to re-type your password on the form. Confidential information such as an address, bank account details, and alike is not required during account creation. After providing the necessary user information, you may tick on the “I’ve read and accept the Terms and Condition” portion. You may read the terms and conditions first so that you may familiarize yourself with how the Uptobox instill balance in its system. Click on the “Create Account” button afterward.
  4. Uptobox Account – After creating your account, you will be re-directed to your account’s main menu where you can view and navigate all activities in your account. This main menu will show your remaining storage space (if free), and a master list of all your files in the server. This is where you can manage, sort, and arrange all your materials, contents and files. You may arrange it as you please.


You can easily make do with the features of the Uptobox registered account but we all know that the 1,000 GB or 1 TB is never enough free storage to last us a lifetime. With digitization and digitalization going rampant nowadays, it is only a matter of time before we fully transition from analog and physical copies to digital files and soft copies. And what better time to invest in your Uptobox file hosting provider than now?

Uptobox Premium account is available at different prices depending on the longevity of the subscription. 

SubscriptionUnlimited Downloads?Unlimited Speed?Unlimited Streaming?Unlimited Storage?Price
30 DaysYesYesYesYes$5.88
365 DaysYesYesYesYes$29.4
730 DaysYesYesYesYes$52.92
1,825 DaysYesYesYesYes$147

There are different payment channels available when purchasing the premium account. Users may pay through their VISA/MasterCard credit or debit cards, Paypal, WebMoney, Perfect Money, or via Bank Transfer. Users may also avail of the premium account through the official and verified Resellers of Uptobox. Coupon codes can be converted to purchase premium accounts, thus most people are making use of it.

You may also avail of the Uptobox services without paying for the premium account, but the perks and benefits offered with the premium account might change your mind.

Uptobox FeaturesFree AccountRegistered AccountPREMIUM Account
Maximum upload file size1 Gigabyte200 Gigabyte200 Gigabyte
Storage/Space availabilityx1 TerabyteUnlimited
Download speedVery limitedLimitedUnlimited
Upload remote linkx//
Upload with FTP clientxx/
Password-secured and protected download linksx//
Availability of filesxx/
Download queueing timexx/
Direct downloadxx/
Encrypted downloadsxx/
Advertisement-free subscriptionxx/
With download accelerators///
Automatic deletion of files30 days starting from the date of the last download90 days starting from the date of the last downloadNEVER


Benefits and perks don’t just stop after subscribing to the Uptobox premium account. Users may also take advantage of the features offered by UptoStream.com, an online streaming engine hosted by Uptobox. Below are the additional features upon subscribing to the hoster’s premium account.

Additional FeaturesFree AccountRegistered AccountPREMIUM Account
Advertisement freexx/
High Definition video quality///
Resume interrupted downloads///
Encoding priorityxx/
Unlimited viewing timexx/


Several scam websites are offering Uptobox premium account, users should stay vigilant and cautious from these scammers. Only the sellers listed below are the verified and authorized reseller of Uptobox.

Reseller NameAvailable CountryLanguageURLPurchase Methods
PremiumlandAll CountryEnglishPremiumland.netVisa / MasterCard / PayPal / Amazon Cards /  Apple Pay / Paysafecard / Neosurf / Skrill / Sofort
KeyOneClickAll CountryEnglish, Francais, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, IndonesianKeyoneclick.comPayPal / Visa / MasterCard / JCB / WebMoney / Payoneer / Skrill / Amazon Pay / Perfect Money / Bitcoin
PremiumAccountzAll CountryEnglish, Francais, EspanolPremiumAccountz.comPayPal / Visa / MasterCard / JCB / American Express / Discover / Diners Club / UnionPay / AliPay / Amazon Pay / Skrill / Bitcoin / WebMoney / Payssion / Neosurf
PremiumInstantAll CountryEnglishPremiumInstant.comPayPal / Sofort / Ideal / Visa / MasterCard / JCB / AMEX / Amazon Pay / Bancontact / EU Bank Transfer / Bitcoin / WebMoney / Payssion
AccountInstantAll CountryEnglishAccountInstant.comPayPal / Visa / MasterCard / Bitcoins / AltCoins / Amazon Pay / WebMoney / Paysera / EU Bank Transfer / Neosurf
ResellerVoucherAll CountryEnglishResellerVoucher.comPayPal / Visa / MasterCard / Bitcoin / Amazon Pay / WebMoney / JCB
Fast-premiumAll CountryEnglish, Francais, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, RussianFast-premium.comBank wire Transfer / Paysera / Boleto, Caixa / CashU / Dot pay / JCB / OneCard / OXXO / POLI / Qiwi / Santander / Sofort Banking / Giropay / Trustpay / Unicaja / Web Money / Western Union / Yandex Money / iDEAL / Safety Pay / Barclays
Vloomax.comIndonesiaIndonesiaVloomax.comBank BCA / Mandiri / BNI / BRI / OVO / ATM
Hotfile.web.idIndonesiaIndonesiaHotfile.web.idWebMoney / Bank BCA / Mandiri / BNI / BRI
24InstantAll CountryFrancais, English, Deutsch, Espanol24instant.comVisa / MasterCard / AMEX / JCB / Western Union / Web Money / Wire Transfer / Sofort / iDEAL
FilevoucherIndiaEnglishFilevoucher.comBitcoin / WebMoney / PayPal
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After purchasing from Reseller websites, the reseller site will provide the premium account keycode which users will need to encode after logging in from the Uptobox account. This will automatically activate the premium subscription of the user.


Uptobox, unlike any other file hosting service providers, went above and beyond the norm to guarantee data protection and ensure information security.

Not only that it is highly recommended and listed on the safest website to browse on the internet, but it also received more than 90% trust rating from different scam advisor websites. This feat is a big accomplishment for file hosting service providers since most people won’t engage with providers with low credibility. Moreover, the SSL certification acquired by Uptobox was supplied by Xolphin, the leading, most trusted, and largest SSL provider to date. Thus, further proving how Uptobox values its user’s security.

To further safeguard that users are receiving the same services, Uptobox is very tedious and strict in implementing protective measures to keep the balance in its servers and system.  It has all the rights to debilitate the accounts that are proven to be manipulating and exploiting the system. Should Uptobox receive reports that a user is indeed abusing the services offered, they can take immediate action without reaching out to the user. Below are the prohibited actions which may prompt Uptobox to take down user contents:

  1. Storing copyrighted materials and files
  2. Storing pornography and materials promoting sexual activities and nudity
  3. Violation of copyrights and trademarks which does not conform to laws
  4. Infringement claims 

Listed below are additional security measures and guidelines practiced by Uptobox, which users must know:

  1. Account Sharing – Uptobox strictly prohibits the sharing of accounts. It does not allow downloading and uploading of files from different places at the same time.
  2. Cold Storage – only using Uptobox to store your files without ever downloading it is also prohibited. Users must be actively uploading and downloading their files and must not store it for a long time without a single file movement.
  3. Third-party players – Using add-ons or third party players from Upstream is strictly prohibited. You may use the provided player by Uptobox.
  4. Generating immense traffic on the site by exploiting different servers to acquire files

Users are still liable for their files, Uptobox is not accountable for any file or data loss. Users are encouraged to comply with the measures implemented by the system to warrant a flawless and worry-free subscription.


Uptobox values and prioritizes customer satisfaction, thus it provided three (3) channels for its users to reach out/connect through should a problem or concern arises.

a. Q&A – A question and answer portion is available and easily accessible on the website. A list of frequently asked questions is available for users having the same concern.

b.  Contact Forms / Tickets – The website also provided contact forms, which are readily available on the site, so that users may send a ticket generating e-mail to the site. All concerns not listed on the Q&A portion may be sent through the contact forms.

c.   Support – Users can found the support button on the bottom part of the main menu of the Uptobox website. This support button listed the usual concerns of users while navigating the site.

Depending on the concern, the user may exhaust the three channels to settle all pending questions and queries. Rest assured that a customer service representative will reach out to the user to settle all concerns.


Refunds can be processed by reaching out through the customer support available on the website. Users may request for a refund upon deciding to cancel their subscription from the premium account. As long as it is within 7 days after subscription and the account was not yet exploited, the refund request will be easily granted to the user. However, Uptobox may deny the request for a refund if it deems that the user has fully utilized the system.


There are several file hosting service providers in the market to date. Picking and choosing which provider will suit you best has been proven as a very complicated task for everyone.

There are different factors to consider when choosing your file hoster. Service and website stability, little to no website traffic, system reliability and security, affordable price, website and services availability, minimal downtime, and customer service and support. One good thing about Uptobox is that it meets all the needed criteria when picking out the best file hoster.

After reading this review, I believe that you were able to decide that Uptobox indeed, is one of the best and the right file hosting service provider for you.


Listed below are the frequently asked questions before and after subscribing to Uptobox.

Are there any constraints on the types of files to be uploaded?

There are no restrictions on the contents and types of files that you can upload. The only files which are restricted are those that are classified as pornography, contains nudity and sexual assaults, offensive materials, and copyrighted contents. Nonetheless, you may upload your files with ease.

Is Hotlinking possible for the files uploaded?

Hotlinking is prohibited from Uptobox. You may not use the link of a file on the site then show it on another website.

Can I still remove/delete the files I uploaded?

All files uploaded are kept in the tab named “My Files”. You may click on the said tab and sort, re-arrange, or delete your files. The interface is user-friendly thus expertise is not a factor needed in deleting and sweeping your files.

Can I access the files uploaded by other users?

Uptobox values user security thus accessing the files uploaded by other users in the system is not allowed. Unless otherwise you were permitted by others to access their files, then you may access it without hassle.

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